Jorge Moll: Simplicity meets sophistication

A favorite quote by Da Vinci, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” seems to sum up Jorge Moll in a mere phrase. He is a self-proclaimed family man, who makes his home in Rio de Janeiro, a place more known for its monument of a giving Christ than for being a giving city. Jorge Moll, himself, … Read More

The Drive To Give Back- The Perry Mandera Story

Making a difference in the world is usually an important feeling for most people as they advance in their career. For many people having a successful career can prove enough of a task for a lifetime. For others, there is a deep-seated need to go beyond a traditional career and give back to society in … Read More

Meet Dr. Mark Holterman; the Creative Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark Holterman is the founder of the Mariam Global Life which was established in 2012. This business management company focuses on global investments and how they can impact innovators. Through scientific innovations, Mariam aims at positively impacting global health. Mariam also aims to raise people’s living standards on a global scale. Dr. Mark had … Read More

Dr. Dov Rand Highlights Ways to Reduce Weight in Elderlies

Dr. Dov Rand is currently the president of West Orange New Jersey’s Healthy Aging Medical Center. He specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and integrated medicine. Dr. Dov Rand understands the special needs of patients who have problems with unexpected weight increase, which is why he designed the HCG Diet that positively affects the natural … Read More

Is Altruism Our True Nature?

We all know that giving of ourselves unselfishly is a good thing to do, because it helps others and it’s what we’ve always been taught. So, it stands to reason that we should have empathy for others and give of our time and money because it’s the right thing to do. It’s all about self … Read More

Fabletics Makes A Huge Impact In The E-commerce Market

One might ask if there is a way of doing business online and being successful at the same time considering the great competition that exists nowadays. That scenario has been made possible by the numerous online companies that sprout up every other time. Perhaps notable ventures are Amazon and Fabletics. Fabletics started operations a few … Read More

A Tale of Two Jessica’s – Biel and Alba

Jessica Biel, who is now Jessica Timberlake, is an American actress. Until she was cast in her first TV series, she actually was a vocalist. Her first role that she was cast in was Mary Camden in the TV series 7th Heaven. This series was the longest TV series that has ever ran in the … Read More