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The Technology of Visual Web Searches

Web search engines once limited input for search targets to text only. The new versions of search engine providers are supporting the emerging area of visual search, that is, searching for targets based on graphical data objects. This can include as input: pictures, videos, and 3D models. This type of graphical search uses Content Based … Read More

Twins Separated At Birth Find Each Other On YouTube

Yet another amazing thing happened because of social media, and YouTube. Two sisters who had no idea that they had an identical twin found each other thanks to YouTube. And the most interesting part of it is they grew up in different continents and now are of two different nationalities. What are the odds that … Read More

10,000 Year Old Remains of Woolly Rhinoceros Found

Most of us have heard of the woolly mammoth but how about a woolly rhinoceros? The remains of just such a creature have been found in Siberia where my friend Fersen Lambranho is visiting. He probably has already posted or blogged about it, likely on Permafrost has well-preserved this baby rhinoceros; first thought to have … Read More

The Success Of Jason Halpern

The Founder and Managing Partner of JMH Development, Jason Halpern, has over 50 years of experience in managing and developing properties in New York. He is third generation of the Halpern family who has developed several square feet of commercial space in Westchester County as well as hundreds of apartment complexes in New York and … Read More

Keith Mann’s Donation to the NYPD

Since the court ruling involving the wrongful death of a Staton Island resident, and police, protests have continued throughout the city, sometimes erupting into violence and attacks. While many NYC residents are still angered by the ruling, many are also incensed by what they call police brutality, racism and corruption. Other NYC residents, however, have … Read More