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Good News For American Economy

Two things stimulated the American economy more than expected. January of 2016 proved to be the highest consumer spending month in 8 months. The spending grew by half a percentage and consumer spending accounts for about two thirds of the economic activity in America. And, the second thing that caused stimulation was that there was … Read More

Madison Street Capital: Positive Expectations For 2016

  The fourth edition of Madison Street Capital annual overview was recently released. The overview was analyzed by several news sources, including and HedgeWeek. In the analysis, they summarized how the overview said that there were several factors that were forcing hedge funds to look at strategic alternatives. One of the big reasons was … Read More

US Money Reserve Sets Goal Of $10,000 Raised For Austin Police Department’s Operation Blue Santa

Around the holidays, most of us are focused on last-minute gift shopping, gather recipes and food for feasts, and making travel arrangements. It’s important to remember, though, that there are many less fortunate people who will not be able to enjoy any of the typical Christmas and holiday rituals because of their financial situation. In … Read More