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Vijay Eswaran and The Pursuit of Productivity

Vijay Eswaran would know that policy changes in regard to healthcare and most legislation in general usually have minimal effect on companies and their bottom line. The medical industry invests in keeping legislation in the right place to keep the system as efficient as possible. We would certainly have to talk about the concentration risk … Read More

Igor Cornelsen On Gains

Igor Cornelsen would likely look at innovative and compelling companies such as Tesla. Why? Igor Cornelsen would do so because he sees that there is profit potential with these companies if he is able to trade and invest wisely. The company had to start by creating a sports car, a car that would be known … Read More

Shervin Pishevar Tweeter Storm Addresses Key Issues in the Economy

The American economy has witnessed many changes in the past decades. Financial experts have always played a role in ensuring that the country is ready for any events that affect the economy. The politics in the nation play a paramount role in the economy. One of the business leaders in the country, Shervin Pishevar has … Read More