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Yeonni Park’s Horrific Story

Yeonni Park was 13 years old when she fled North Korea. She was born in North Korea where she endured hardship. North Korea was a dictatorship under the leadership of Kim Jong-il. Living conditions were deplorable, in that they had no electricity and sometimes no food to eat. Yeonni Park and her mother decided to … Read More

A Good Man Has Been Found

If you’re ever in search of an honest man, you might want to look in the direction of American businessman and philanthropist Bruce Levenson. Few successful people would willingly put themselves in a position wherein they could lose it all or face public humiliation because of a personal decision, but Bruce Levenson did and that … Read More

George Soros: The Asylum Chaos Plan

    George Soros is the president and founder of Open Source Foundations that is an association of projects, partners and organizations in more than one hundred nations globally. He has a strong obligation to the idea where regimes are accountable, human rights are respected and where no single entity is a monopoly on the … Read More

The Career Profile of George Soros

  George Soros cuts the figure of a straightforward and persuasive business big shot. He made his name in venture savings and flexible investments in a period crossing three decades and is one of Forbes’ Highest Earning Hedge Fund Managers and Traders. According to his Investopedia profile, George Soros was born and raised in Budapest, … Read More

Bernardo Chua The Man and the Miracle

Most of us take the mushroom for granted, but not Bernardo Chua; he took a very special mushroom and made it into a campaign for healthier living. His contribution of the Ganoderma Mushroom to coffee, tea and personal care products has brought positive change to the way we consume our favorite beverages and take care … Read More