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Brian Bonar Excels as a Financial Expert

Brian Bonar is a successful business and financial expert; he has achieved significant experience in leadership and business management – Brian Bonar – Entrepreneurship is my Passion | He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in the same field. Also, he holds an MBA and a Ph.D. in international … Read More

A Snapshot Of Bruce Levenson’s Career And Good Deeds

Bruce Levenson is one the most famous, wealthy and successful Jewish American businessman. Mr. Levenson is well known for his philanthropic work which includes numerous contributions to charities, and non-profit foundations. He has also been involved in professional sports franchises in the the top tier. His good deeds and sports involvement do not take away … Read More

Sergio Cortes Is Helping Others In His Country

Sergio Cortes is a very well-known doctor in the country of Brazil. Sergio Cortes has his own website called Sergio can be followed on LinkedIn and Twitter as well. Sergio Cortes has done much to advance the health of those citizens living in the country of Brazil. Brazil is a very large country that … Read More

Kyle Bass: Foul Weather Financier?

There are also those who operate fairly in the light of day, and those who use things like crises to make money. This was seen in New Orleans when hurricane Katrina made mincemeat of the city. Looting and theft were rampant. Less-affluent, and even sometimes affluent-but-afflicted, citizens used the lack of organization to gut stores … Read More

Russia And The European Union Are In A Race Agianst Time

The European Union and Russia are set in a race against time according to Hungarian born, billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros. Mr. Soros has pointed out several key indicators of Russia’s collapsing economy and the doom that looms for Russia’s ruling power led by Vladimir Putin. Soros has indicated that Russia’s government will be … Read More

Yeonni Park’s Horrific Story

Yeonni Park was 13 years old when she fled North Korea. She was born in North Korea where she endured hardship. North Korea was a dictatorship under the leadership of Kim Jong-il. Living conditions were deplorable, in that they had no electricity and sometimes no food to eat. Yeonni Park and her mother decided to … Read More