Luke Lazarus – The Entrepreneurial Rockstar

Luke Lazarus in a business and startup consultant based in Melbourne. His focus is on helping CEOs with marketing strategies and growth management. He was born in Perth and holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School. By the time he was in his early thirties he had created and sold four companies. Luke Lazarus believes … Read More

The Life And Times Of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an influential member of the Scottsdale, Arizona community. He is a philanthropist and entrepreneur. Hope is also a tech consultant. He has worked in a number of different positions. Hope is a millionaire that has been pushing for various causes within the state of Arizona. His work with different organizations helped him … Read More

Vijay Eswaran and The Pursuit of Productivity

Vijay Eswaran would know that policy changes in regard to healthcare and most legislation in general usually have minimal effect on companies and their bottom line. The medical industry invests in keeping legislation in the right place to keep the system as efficient as possible. We would certainly have to talk about the concentration risk … Read More