Vijay Eswaran Talks about the Importance of Technology in Creating Better Job Opportunities

Vijay Eswaran is one of the most successful Malaysian entrepreneurs today, and he is known not only as the founder and CEO of QI Group, but also as a noted speaker, author, and philanthropist. He studied socio-economics from the famous London School of Economics and also did masters in business administration from Southern Illinois University. During this time abroad, he worked a number of jobs, including a cab driver and plucking grapes for a winery in France. It is during his time in the United States; he was introduced to the concept of binary marketing and multi-level marketing that intrigued him a lot.

However, after he completed his studies abroad, Vijay Eswaran moved back to Malaysia, which is when he decided to take entrepreneurial calling to the next level and started the QI Group. It is this company that went on to become a huge success and has operations in multiple countries across the globe, with involvement in retail, real estate, health and wellness, beauty industry, publishing, and so on. Vijay Eswaran has also written several books depicting his experiences, including one of the best-sellers named In the Sphere of Silence. In this book, he had showcased his experience of the time when he took a vow of silence for over a month in a monastery. It taught him a lot, and he wants to share that experience with others. Vijay Eswaran has also been a keynote speaker in many world events across the globe, including at the World Economic Forum. With the net worth of over $500 million, Vijay Eswaran is amongst the wealthiest Malaysian today.

Vijay Eswaran believes that technology has been changing the world and it offers more job opportunities for people. Often, people think that advancement in technology will take away their jobs, but he provides an example of the growing economy in India. He feels that the Digital India campaign in India has opened up new industries that were not present before. It means that economies need to adopt technology as it can allow them to grow and also provide better opportunities to the working population.