Jana Messerschmidt Uses Her Experience to Help Women and Grow Lightspeed Ventures

Jana Messerschmidt has made a career out of studying the past and making good decisions for the future. Jana has held numerous positions throughout her career before she joined Lightspeed. She uses what she learned from her positions in large companies like Netflix, Twitter, and many others to inform her decisions in order to help Lightspeed. Jana has also expressed her desire to increase the presence of women and other underrepresented minorities and has worked toward that goal. Her efforts toward that end have manifested themselves in the investment collective that she co founded in 2015.

Jana’s unique education, experience, and skill set, makes her a valuable addition to her current employer, Lightspeed. She has worked in many different departments, fulfilling multiple different roles such as, engineering, sales, marketing, and business development.

Two of Jana’s higher profile employers include Netflix and social media giant Netflix. She was able to flex her management muscle in these positions. She was responsible for multiple agreements that improved these two company’s standing and appeal to customers.

Jana, possesses a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. it was during these years that she would lay the foundation for her prolific career in technology.

Jana currently serves as a partner at Lightspeed Ventures. She is heavily involved with Lightspeed’s consumer investing team. Her technology and business experience makes her extremely effective in providing Lightspeed customers the results that they desire.

Jana’s zeal to provide for her customers is only equaled by her desire to help others. In 2015 Jana co founded the investment collective #ANGELS. Their stated goal is to increase female involvement in the financial side of startups. She wants to see a diverse work force that will enable Jana and Lightspeed to succeed for themselves and for their customers.