What You Should Know About Rally Driver Michel Terpins

A sporting event pretty well known in countries like Brazil, Portugal, Sweden and the UK is rally car driving. That’s what Brazilian driver Michel Terpins takes part in, and he recently finished in the top 10 in a rally event known as the Bull Sertões Rally. He was quite happy with where he placed in this rally because it took a heavy toll on his vehicle, and he and his partner Maykel Justo had to get through some hard stretches of road to be able to get on into the next stage.

Being able to excel at rally car driving the way Michel Terpins has takes a lot of research and planning more so than regular racing. Normally when you think of racing, you think of events like NASCAR’s Daytona 500 series or the Indy 500 event driven around a track where the winner is the first person to cross the finish line after completing the laps. But rally car driving is much different because instead of running on a closed circuit track in a stadium with pit crews always at the ready, drivers travel long distances and at times even go off-road into some very tough terrain. Often rally races can last for several days and require drivers to have as much physical stamina to staying alert as they do strategic speeding and breaking techniques. Michel Terpins has learned to master these over the years.

Besides rally car driving Michel Terpins, has interests in other businesses and investments. His father, Jack Terpins was an engineer while also helping to make the sport of basketball popular in Brazil years ago, and today he serves as President of the Latin American Jewish Congress Plenary Assembly. Michel also has been involved with his brother Rodrigo in the establishment of a forestry and Eucalyptus wood supplies company known as Floresvale.

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