Lesson Learned: Private Credit And Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is someone who knows a thing or two about global investing. He has a degree in actuarial mathematics and moved to New York. In 2007, he went to work for Fortress Investment Group. His previous experience has made him one of the smartest investors around. His main job at Fortress Investment Group is to keep an eye on the money the company is making and keep the pension plan solvent for the workers.

He travels all over the world to study other forms of investment and look for new opportunities for Fortress to spread their wings. Gareth Henry also has the time to write a medium.com blog for readers. In a recent post, he talked about the value of private credit around the world.

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The financial expert writes that private credit gets a bum rap when it comes to investors. One of the instances where private credit was able to take center stage was during the recession of 2008. When the market went into a tailspin, Goldman Sachs was one of the companies that may have fallen by the wayside. That is until billionaire businessman Warren Buffett came in to save the day for Goldman Sachs. Buffett made sure that Goldman Sachs paid a ten percent interest and kept the company solvent through troubled times.

In most circumstances Gareth Henry writes, private credit is often extended to brand new companies with bold new ideas. Private credit can be used in a variety of ways to get new companies going. Some of these deals involve real estate debt and direct lending. The interest rate of the loan is totally dependent on the parties involved and can vary in each situation. These are a couple of the basic things that investors need to know when it comes to investing around the world.

Gareth Henry is a man who wants to share his know-how with future investors. Hopefully, someone can read his blog and figure out what the next big thing will be. He provides the basics and the investor has to use them to the best of his or her ability. It is a lesson learned.

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