Article About Igor Cornelsen

Seasoned, valued, and undoubtedly insightful, Igor Cornelsen is a shrewd investor turned renowned entrepreneur. Embarking on his pursuits fresh out of college, Cornelsen was ready to dive head first into the financial realm. Though Cornelsen was convinced he’d end up in the engineering field, his aptitude for mathematics and economics steered him in a different direction. As a result, Cornelsen began working for various banking companies. Among a few were London Chartered Merchant Bank, Libra Bank, and Multibanco. He spent the beginning of his career assimilating a wealth of information, eventually putting what he’d gleaned to good use.

As he was ascending the ranks, Cornelsen was receiving promotion after promotion. His tenure at Libra Bank proved most rewarding, with Cornelsen eventually earning the opportunity of a lifetime. Standard Chartered Bank, a reputable financial institution, spotted immense potential in Cornelsen. They offered him an executive role at their headquarters, an offer Cornelsen couldn’t refuse. Cornelsen relocated to London to serve as one of the company’s executives, eventually returning to Brazil after seven successful years with the organization. Cut to a few years later, and Igor Cornelsen was the founder of Bainbridge Investments, his own financial advisory firm.

Bainbridge absolutely thrived under Cornelsen’s wise guidance. Both dedicated and innovative, Cornelsen was wholly devoted to elevating his company to extraordinary heights. Being the tenacious man he is, Cornelsen did just that. From managing funds to creating low-risk investment strategies, Cornelsen was assuming various roles at the helm of Bainbridge. Though he relished his time at his organization, Cornelsen retired his CEO hat and moved to the Sunshine State. These days, Cornelsen enjoys long rounds of golf and investing on the side. He continues to consult others on their investments and strongly urges adolescents to invest so their capital can increase tenfold.