Ryan Seacrest: From Radio To Big Time Television

Ryan Seacrest has always been the kind of person who can reinvent himself when necessary. He was born in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia. As he grew up, he set his sights on working in radio. Success found him in that calling went he moved out to California and became a popular host of an afternoon radio program in the area. He was suddenly in high demand.


Radio was great to Ryan Seacrest, but it was not the future of media as we know it. So much more could be done on television and other mediums at this point. Ryan Seacrest decided that he would need to try to transition over to television if he wanted to continue the success that he had found in his career up to that point.

The banner year for Ryan Seacrest was in 2002 when he become the host of the wildly popular reality TV show “American Idol”. It is hard to go unnoticed when millions of viewers tune in each week to watch the show you are hosting, and thus he became a household name.

Plenty of television deals have come his way since that time. He has signed on to do work for the Today Show on NBC and has also been named the co-host of Live With Kelly & Ryan. These are all daytime news shows that often make stars out of the hosts of the shows themselves. Ryan Seacrest was already a star in his own right at this point, but this only helped to further bolster his career.

There are not too many people who can claim that their careers have had such an upward trajectory in life. That being said, Seacrest has been the man of the hour for a very long time now. He has always remembered to keep looking for the next big thing to jump into as part of his career. Thus, as per Forbes, he has remained able to stay relevant over the years, and that has helped build out his name recognition and ability to gain new fans and new deals over the years.

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