Victoria Doramus Is A Marketing Analyst Who Doubles Up As A Recovery Expert

Victoria Doramus is a marketing expert who analyses trends, and she has understands exactly how the international market works. While she has been a success in the business world, she has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for many years. Today, she is a recovery expert, and she earned this title through hard-fought experiences. It took her years to finally understand the nature of her addiction, and she has been able to to turn her entire life around with this understanding.

Victoria Doramus studied at the University of Colorado – Boulder and earned a degree in mass communication and journalism while there. She also studies art in an immersive semester program that looked deeply at how art developed in the western world. Her first job was with Mindshare, and she served the company as an assistant media planner. After this, she went to work with Stila Cosmetics where she collaborated with the director of art for the company. Doramus then moved on to work with Creative Agency for three years. There, she helped to organize and create editorial content for The Cassandra Report. She also worked with Trendera as the West Coast Director at Trendera, Victoria and helped with sales and building the brand of the company. Doramus has also been a freelance writer for many years and has also done some ghostwriting.

Throughout most of her working life, she suffered from addiction and continued to use different drugs. After a failed attempt at rehab in 2011, she continued to use cocaine and Adderall and had a hard time quitting. The problem was that she didn’t understand the nature of her addiction, and she tried to change locations and get different friends, but that didn’t work. After another attempt with a rehab facility in Connecticut, she went back to using drugs again. Her life continued to fall apart, and she finally made the decision to try a recovery center named the Burning Tree. The center relied on a 12 step based program, and Victoria Doramus began to understand her addiction. Today, she has overcome her addiction and spends a lot of her time helping others to do the same.