Victoria Doramus On Her Journey To Recovery And Giving Back

Victoria Doramus worked in the world of media, consumer retail trends, and understood the world market. She was very good at her job, and people loved her work. The professional worked with many brands including Stila Cosmetics, Trendera, Creative Arts Agency, and Mindshare. Victoria would attend lavish parties where brands would be celebrated. You would think from an outside perspective that Doramus had everything, but it was far from the truth.

In her personal life, Victoria Doramus was struggling with an addiction that would eventually change her life completely. At the University of Colorado, Doramus earned a degree in mass communication and journalism. Her jobs after college rich and rewarding. Victoria built up her skills and experience where she did a wide variety of tasks. She also wrote in publications like The Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan. In her addiction, the more success he achieved, the worse it got. She went to rehab multiple times, but it did not work until she realized something. Victoria found out that addiction is a disease and that she would have to come to terms with that if she wanted to truly heal. It was at her ultimate low that Doramus decided to change. She went to Burning Tree to recover in a whole new way that would create permanent change.

Victoria Doramus now works as a philanthropist and recovery expert. It is very rewarding for her, because Victoria can help others in their road to recovery. After attending AA she learned that giving back is really important for recovery. She works with organizations like the Amy Winehouse Foundation,the Women’s Prison Association, and Room to Read. Victoria is also very passionate about helping animals get the loving homes they so deserve instead of being euthanized. The organization is called Best Friends Animal Society and is located all over the United States.

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