Hussain Sajwani, the Damac Owner

Hussain Sajwani, founder and chairman of Damac Properties, is currently the world’s tenth richest Arab. He is also currently focused on extending his business into Asia, particularly China. He has been watching and actually actively invested in the Chinese economy for several years and has noted that it is one the decided rise.

Damac is all about diversity in its general makeup. It currently employs workers from 77 nationalities all over the world. Sajwani is only concerned with new governmental policies and changes insofar as they affect his business in some way. To this end, he keeps an eye on all of the worldwide countries that contain Damac operations.

Damac Properties remains headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. It is not surprising that Sajwani, who came from relatively humble means, should build this now massive company. He had a strong business drive since very young. He was also motivated by the UAE leadership who were very encouraging of strong, thriving businesses in their country. To date, Damac has delivered more than 20,000 new homes to the UAE area.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani runs his business by allowing each department to have some measure of independence and to do what it is supposed to do in its own way. He strongly encourages all employees of all departments to engage in healthy living. To this end, Damac has frequent department led fitness challenges and community-led sports events.

All departments of Damac also all often use social media for things such as advertising products, and discussing views, success, and advice. They strongly believe this method enables them to maintain a connection with their audience.

More than anything else in his profession, Sajawani loves seeing ideas become reality. He is very proud of the fact that Damac has a very fertile environment for the development of ideas, strategies, and recommendations. Damac is a public company which means that is books are open for public review and scrutiny.