Whitney Wolfe And Her Reinvention Of Dating Apps And Corporate Culture

Whitney Wolfe, the founder and CEO of one of the most popular online dating apps ‘Bumble’, has flipped the narrative around online dating norms. Focusing on women’s ability to act first, the app puts the power and initiative in the hands of women for the first time. Not only has women’s empowerment been a focus within the app, but Whitney Wolfe has also made it a focus within her organization with respect to her female employees.

Operating out of their headquarters in Austin, the organization now boasts an 85% female workforce to manage their 35 million users from 160 different countries.

Not only offering a unique experience for their customers, Whitney Wolfe has also revolutionized the workplace experience, offering an extensive list of progressive accommodations for their employees. With wellness programs featuring reimbursement for gym memberships, therapy sessions, acupuncture, and even meditation groups, they have taken an aggressive step in taking care of their employees. They have also taken steps to accommodate parents, offering flexible hours and the ability to take children into the office. Whitney Wolfe continues to push the boundaries of workplace expectations stating, “I think a lot of the “norms” that have developed around what we think of as “the workplace” have their roots in the corporate culture that was male-dominated”, which has motivated her drastic overhaul within her own company.

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With ‘Bumble’ being valued at close to $1 billion, Whitney Wolfe has become a powerhouse in the digital world of dating, as well as recently landing a position on the board of Imagine Entertainment. Founded in 1986, Imagine produces both feature films and television programs, with notable series being “Broad City”, “Inside Amy Schumer”, and “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee.” Acting as a non-voting member of the board, she adds her insight and experience into their heavily female-driven content. As Whitney Wolfe continues to reshape the narrative within her own company, we will see what kind of change she can inspire with her new ventures.