The Aim Of End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a type of political action committee that is donor funded and focuses mainly on the election campaigns finance. It was formed in March 1, 2015 and is a political based association. It was generally formed to combat against many of the larger and high profile political funding groups with the intention of helping the election campaigns financially in their own method.

The committee is financed by the grassroots donation and runs with the aid of finance from the donors. They are extremely devoted to the work they do and committed to reform their elected candidates and keep the financial matters associated with the in politics above all. After almost immediately launching the committee, it raised about two million dollars as a donation from their donors which was a great start for them. Their aim is to support the election candidates with adequate finance reform. If any independent candidate or a republican candidate would have to pro-reform then the End Citizens United would proceed forward to support them.

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The End Citizens United have a very active website open to all where they tend to post the most recent and latest news and have a dedicated page to the candidates who are seeking help in finance reform and a separate page for the donations.

Recently there was an issue where the Governor of Florida had to face certain charges for the cause of violations in the campaign form End Citizens Unites. The charges were regarding financial violations which were filed against Governor Rick Scott. He had to finally resign due to disgrace and as a result the company had to pay up about $1.7 billion as fines due to charges from FBI for fraudulent billing. The mater was even further dragged into the civil court as Rick further refused to accept accountability of the fraud.

The main goal here is to bring an end to the rising influence of the value of money when it comes to politics. End Citizens United aim motivates several other organizations to take part to elect pro-reform candidates in order to issue the finance for political purposes in a national spectrum.