Make Lime Crime Your Go To Makeup

If you’re an aspiring beauty guru or just looking to try a new product for your daily makeup regime, Lime Crime may be just the brand for you. There is certainly no shortage of places to go these days for a little beauty inspiration or to gather some helpful tips and tricks to ensure your makeup is looking on-point. Of course, with Lime Crime, you’re sure to find the perfect on-trend options to keep you looking your very best.

Since October of 2008, this certified, cruelty-free and vegan makeup brand has been bringing us the best quality products available and shows no signs of stopping. Beginning with primers, blush, glitter and eyeshadows; the company now offers a wide variety of products to tickle your fancy. Founder and CEO, Doe Deere is the driving force behind the company’s unique messaging and product line. It’s website touts the companys mission of revolutionizing makeup and helping its customers create looks as individual as they are. That’s a mission we can all feel great about!

Some of the company’s most popular eyeshadow palettes include the ever popular Venus series. This winning palette line includes the original Venus palette, the Venus 2, Venus 3, and the Venus XL. The original cult favorite Venus palette features 8 intensely pigmented nude shades. The Venus 2 is a darker version of the original with shade options including Pigeon, Mud, and Fly. Next up is the Venus 3 with an amazing array of rose, mauve, purple and gold tones. Finally, we have the Venus XL, which as the name implies, is the biggest of the set with 4 finishes and 18 shades to choose from.

You can even try out some of their more unique product offerings like, Unicorn Hair. They also offer unique makeup brushes and an amazing line of matte lipsticks and glosses. Whatever you decide, Lime Crime gives you the tools to be you be your best and most authentic self.

When your next beauty inspiration strikes, you should definitely check out what they have to offer. It would truly be a crime not to!