Enhanced Athlete Wins a Liberating Lawsuit against Nutrition Distribution

A while ago, Nutrition Distribution went on a malicious legal fishing expedition against Enhanced Athlete. Nutrition Distribution was seeking compensation from the Cheyenne, Wyoming based company for the fall of sales. They were blaming Enhanced Athlete for making good fitness and health products and taking up top market spot. In recent years, Nutrition Distribution has been notorious for slamming their competitors with malicious charges and this time they picked on the wrong one. Enhanced Athlete took them on their legal battle head-on. With over 70 lawsuits against their competitors under their belt and even more cease and desist orders, it was pretty easy for the Enhanced Athlete legal team -Michael Adams of Rutan & Tucker, LLP- to point to the court the malicious intent of the suit against them.


At the advent of their losing streak, Nutrition Distribution turned to filling for compensation from competitors to try and cover their losses. In all of these lawsuits, not even once had they managed to prove their case. This trend continued with this lawsuit against Enhanced Athlete. Nutrition Distribution failed to prove that Enhanced Athletes claim to the number one health and fitness products distributor spot had in any way affected sales. The fact that Enhanced athlete had superior products and better marketing strategies and thus their products sold more was a no contest point. It was clear that Nutrition Distribution spends more time and resources suing their competitors instead of improving their products and marketing strategies. For this, there was no one to blame but themselves. This Enhanced Athlete victory will be liberating to other small companies in the health, bodybuilding and fitness space that had been targeted by Nutrition Distribution. Scott Cavell, the Enhanced Athlete CEO speaking after the victory promised it’s fans and clients that they will continue providing them with the best products and services.


About Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced Athlete is a Cheyenne, Wyoming based health products distributor that specializes in bodybuilding and fitness. Of late, they have found a lot of success and have expanded their market presence with two sister companies, Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching. Enhanced Gear specializes in the distribution of their fitness and training apparel and gear. On the other hand, Enhanced Coaching offers coaching on fitness and training routines to their clients. As Enhanced Athlete keeps gaining moment among both sportsmen and fitness fanatics, their possibilities for growth are unprecedented.