The Drive To Give Back- The Perry Mandera Story

Making a difference in the world is usually an important feeling for most people as they advance in their career. For many people having a successful career can prove enough of a task for a lifetime. For others, there is a deep-seated need to go beyond a traditional career and give back to society in a more meaningful way. That has certainly been the case with Perry Mandera. Perry has been intrinsically involved in the Illinois State Crime Commission’s (ISCC) efforts to assist the Police Athletic League in reducing crime in the Chicago area and reducing Juvenile Delinquency. He has also been very pro-active in Chicago area initiatives to try to help crime offending youth redirect their lives before they end up as adult offenders (

Mndera’s efforts have yielded him several awards including, Citizen of The Year in 2011 and the prestigious Bishop Sheil Award in 2010. The ISCC- a non-profit agency, advances initiatives to help give hands on training to Chicago area police officers and their departments. The organization has offered no cost seminars for police officials including Gang Violence- a hot button issue in the Chicago area. They have also offered supportive tactical training for police officers and their departments including: Firearms, Hand-To-Hand Combat, Martial Arts and Special Event Security and Security Management.

The ISCC which Perry Mandera has been involved in is also very involved in political advancement of laws that will help reduce crime in the Chicago area and across the state of Illinois. The work they have done has targeted specific areas where legislation has been weaker than many law enforcement agencies would like to see. Their key issues presently have been: Underage Drug and Alcohol Consumption and Possession, Juvenile Sex Offenders, Domestic Violence Laws and Impaired Driving Laws.

Since many of these topic areas can lead to later more advanced criminal deviancy, the ISCC has been devoted in trying to be proactive in addressing these target problems through legislative reforms. The focus is in an attempt to ward off advancing problems among youth, domestic violence offenders and DUI offenders to try to steer them away from being repeat offenders. Perry’s efforts have led to some great changes through these projects that were established to improve the lives of the people of Chicago area.