Jorge Moll: Simplicity meets sophistication

A favorite quote by Da Vinci, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” seems to sum up Jorge Moll in a mere phrase. He is a self-proclaimed family man, who makes his home in Rio de Janeiro, a place more known for its monument of a giving Christ than for being a giving city. Jorge Moll, himself, is a fascinating example of a researcher who seeks to give to others through collaboration and the development of what he describes as, “a dream and passion to cultivate world-class research, education and healthcare in my home country”. His research into humans ability to achieve enjoyment out of giving has certainly put a positive light on both Moll and his home country.

Jorge Moll has always been fascinated by the generation of new ideas and flushing out new ideas through collaboration. While collaborating at the National Institute of Health, he and neuroscientist Jordan Grafman discovered that humans achieve real utility from altruism. The act of giving causes a “high level of brain activity” in the prefrontal cortex, a discovery which truly excited Moll and his colleagues, leading to a study in 2006. This study found that the simple act of giving could improve depression, and even alcoholism recovery odds. The more a person gives, the more the person heals. Jorge Moll seems to personify his own discovery as his research continues to improve the lives of others around him.

Jorge Moll believes in collaboration and describes his day to day as filled with “meetings covering a variety of topics,” and this desire to discuss and improve ideas is what leads to success for Moll. It is not enough to simply think of an idea, but to take this idea and flush it out through discussion, collaboration, and trial and error. Moll admits that not every idea has been a good one or has been well thought out, but it is this recognition that seems to personify Moll in Da’ Vinci’s quote. His simple ideas become sophisticated through collaboration.