Meet Dr. Mark Holterman; the Creative Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark Holterman is the founder of the Mariam Global Life which was established in 2012. This business management company focuses on global investments and how they can impact innovators. Through scientific innovations, Mariam aims at positively impacting global health. Mariam also aims to raise people’s living standards on a global scale.

Dr. Mark had the opportunity to train in science research and clinical medicine for several years. Additionally, he has worked as a clinical health officer for a long time thus getting a lot of experience in the field. His past experiences have enabled him to learn about the challenges that both professionals and the general public undergo. Dr. Mark Holterman is excited to know that technology can be used to improve the health conditions of people (Weeklyopinion). Mr. Mark ensures that he applies the most recent technology as long as it is suitable for the intended purpose.

Mr. Holterman has successfully founded other firms offering medical devices, oncology, and regenerative medicine among others. Dr. Mark Holterman is quite passionate about stem cell medicine, obesity issues, and autoimmunity. Mark mostly focuses on biotechnological advancements that can impact global health. Holterman is known for his outstanding ability to link new technology to health-related issues.

Dr. Mark Holterman says that his experience in the health field motivated him to start a business. As a health practitioner, his experience has enabled him to learn about the challenges affecting patients and medical facilities, the most talented and knowledgeable innovators, and most supportive investors. His business aims at combining all those opportunities for the benefit of everyone.

Dr. Mark spends most of his time researching on health issues and technology. Mark is a humble person who likes to listen to the opinions of everyone. His habit of respecting everyone makes him a productive individual.


Dr. Mark advises young entrepreneurs to avoid group thinking. He says that it is essential for one to work with a trusted team and refine business ideas. Some of the web services that Mr. Holterman values most include WhatsApp, Box, and Office at Hand because they enable him to communicate effectively. These applications also play a major role in helping him to manage his time.