Dr. Dov Rand Highlights Ways to Reduce Weight in Elderlies

Dr. Dov Rand is currently the president of West Orange New Jersey’s Healthy Aging Medical Center. He specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and integrated medicine.

Dr. Dov Rand understands the special needs of patients who have problems with unexpected weight increase, which is why he designed the HCG Diet that positively affects the natural body functions to help in weight loss. Other forms of remedies do not provide the results which were anticipated, and most can go the wrong way posing more as a health risk rather than a treatment.

HCG means human chorionic gonadotropin – this is a special type of hormone which is present in women who are pregnant only. Studies discovered that the mentioned hormone efficiently hinders muscle weakening and corrosion and which is present in numerous prevalent diet regimens.

The patients who go for treatment at New Jersey’s Healthy Medical Center gain knowledge from the in-depth understanding of Dr. Dov Rand. He offers management and supervision in attaining weight reduction through the HVG diet. Patients who have tried other diets beforehand are advised to seek a diet program that has a fast effect with a successful result. The long-term advantage of incorporating the HCG diet in one’s health program includes the following:

  • Modification of Eating Habits – eating has been proven to satisfy a person beyond hunger, which results in the improper addition of unwanted kilos and pounds. This makes it hard to get rid of food to get into proper physical shape. So, Dr. Dov Rand gradually leads patients in discarding eating habits that are not successful and helping them to undertake healthful eating patterns.

Modification of Eating HabitsResetting MetabolismImproving Health

  • Resetting Metabolism – each patient who goes to the Healthy Aging Medical Center in Jersey are admitted by expert clinicians who comprehensively examine every patient’s exercise routine, diet and blood work for a conclusive treatment program. The suggestions may range from elimination of stressful activities to the proper ingestion of food and water so the patient can attain a better metabolic rate that leads to better wellbeing.
  • Improving Health – Dr. Dov Rand incorporates the IV Nutrient Therapy to help patients have optimum health that is included in the maintenance program provided at the Healthy Aging Medical Center. The all-inclusive method takes into consideration food allergies, vitamin or mineral deficiencies that may impede or require IV vitamin remedies.