Handybook Offers Top Notch Household Services

Handy.com formerly known as Handybook, was established in 2012 with the aim of quickly providing home services to clients. Handy offers predictable low prices for customers. The company vets and employs home cleaners and repair people before dispatching them to client’s households through an online application. Handy cleaning company acquired Exec Company, a startup firm based in San Francisco at less than $10 million with the aim of expanding the company to the West Coast area. Handy faces challenge from other cleaning firms in the industry like Amazon.

With the increasing demand for home cleaning services like buying groceries, ready hot meals deliveries and car rides, there have been questions on whether Handy Company can maintain the quality of services and affordable prices including the investor’s expectations. The affordable package of cleaning Handy services poses a question of if customers can trust them with their homes. The firm believes that they have what it takes to maintain quality and affordable cleaning services.

On client retention, 80% of Handy customers come from automatic booking because Handy enrolls new clients in recurring cleaning services. Unlike in the past where the company sent several emails to book clients, Handy has a new application, which enables customers to cancel bookings via the website. On client acquisition, Handy struggled in the past because it acquired customers through Groupon contracts. Since Groupon deals had a little contribution to customer retention, Handy acquires customers through referrals.

The handy company is equipped with a team of professional cleaners who value flexibility. The workers commit to delivering top-notch services to clients. Most of the employees work less than ten hours weekly. According to a recent report filed in Slate in the past few months, Handy Company has navigated a rough road during its growth. Although assessing Handy’s financial records is an uphill task, the firm is doing well in health reports. With investors like the Union Square Ventures, Handy has been able to provide high-quality services.

Located in Chelsea New York City, Handy Company was established by Oisin Hanrahan, Weina Scott, Umang, and Leonhardt. The company is among the fastest and most consistent ways of booking private service providers. In a few minutes, clients can book a cleaner or repair technician commonly referred to as a handyman for as long as they are needed. Handy is dedicated to connecting customers with trusted and competent workers for ordinary household chores while offering the employees an opportunity to make real money for their families.