Marc Sparks – the entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur

Mark Sparks, a serial entrepreneur and has been the key person of dozens of startups since 1975. He has over thirty-four years of experience in entrepreneurship and to share this journey with other entrepreneurs and startup companies, and he wrote a book named “They Can’t Eat You.”

The main passion of Marc is to build companies. Most of the time, he builds companies from ideas that others think impossible. He operates a few companies and among them Timber Creek Capital, LP is remarkable. Based on an initial idea, he establishes a business on company culture followed by a business model and develops short and long terms goals and generate plans to achieve the growth.

He is always ready to face any challenge and take it as an advantage to steady growth. He stated that his door is always open for discussion and he has a born quality to resolve challenges instantly.

In his book, “They Can’t Eat You”, he explains everything about his experiences. He shares not only the success of his career but also emphasis on his failures. In an interview, he stated that he encourages the readers to learn from his unsuccessful ventures rather than the successful ones. Moreover, he explained that it’s easy for him to tell that he built a software company that sells $200 million of product per year but it will be more educational for others to know that he built an insurance company for a billion dollar cap market but he lost it in ninety days.

He started writing after his colleagues convinced him and he hopes the book will be a blessing for those entrepreneurs who already lost hope in their ventures and seems to fail to achieve their dreams.

According to Wikipedia, Mark Sparks was often asked two questions. One is – Does he afraid of losing? And another one is – How does he do it? In reply to the first question, Mark stated that he always excited about life and passionate about the journey to come. Even in his bad time, he never lost faith and never fears to lose.

By answering the second question, he replied that Passion, Faith, Focus, Savvy of Monetization, Tenacity, and most importantly—an extreme Sense of Urgency are the key factors of his success. He uses them wisely and often mixes them to resolve any challenges to accomplish his goal.

Mark has also extended this helping hand in a lifesaving project for homeless people to provide shelter and the organization he runs is The Samaritan Inn.