How Equities First Holdings Has Influenced The Lending Industry

The lending industry has changed over the years and borrowers have over time come across many options that are different from the traditional methods used by banks and other financial institutions. Initially, it would be difficult to access credit without the backing of some collateral, either land or any other type of property that would be worth the money targeted. However, this has changed with the introduction of alternative methods of lending that are offering loans against publicly traded stocks.

This is the case with Equities First Holdings, a company that has excelled and grown in the lending industry from issuing loans with stocks as the collateral attached. This has seem more people shift to the option since it offers an easy access to credit that guarantees security because the repayment period offered and terms are impressive.

In recent past, banks decided to review lending regulations and the interest rates offered were revised to higher levels. The developments also led to the revision of lending criteria, making it difficult for the average borrower to access credit. Those who have been in need of credit and could no longer access lending through banks have turned to stock-based lending.

There are several benefits that stock-based loans are offering, which include the fact interest rates are fixed such that in case of inflation or changes in the economy the borrower is not given the burden of additional cost of repayment.

Equities First Holdings: Company Overview

Since the company was established in 2002, Equities First Holdings, LLC has offered loans to individuals looking to finance small and big projects. The company has made access to credit easy through the issuance of loans with stocks as collateral. This has allowed more people to explore the alternative credit option, which has turned out more affordable.

Additionally, Equities First Holdings has opened offices in many countries in a bid to reach more customers looking for such facilities. They operate officers in countries like the United Kingdom and China and their rates and terms have remained friendly especially to the average borrowers. Their membership base has been growing over time due to the many benefits offered.

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