George Soros- who he is and how he affects the US politics

Billionaire and investor George Soros has made a grand entry to the election cycle to become one of the leading donors to the Democratic campaign. He has committed more than $25 million to support Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates in the year’s elections. Soros has in the recent past spent an enormous amount in other political causes on Biography . His last significant spending was unseating the then President George W. Bush. He spent an estimated amount of $27 billion in 2004 but failed with this cause; he later scaled back from political funding.

The Hungarian-born philanthropist is worth $24.9 billion according to Forbes. His return to the political scene as a significant contributor comes in a bid to control the White House and gain a majority in the Senate.

Apart from political spending George Soros supports other society causes. He has shown a keen interest to establish companies, support startups and support business that are founded by refugees and immigrants. Even though he has a bias to helping migrants and refugees that are arriving in Europe, he looks forward to building safe investments that are going to benefit immigrants from all over the world.

About George Soros

George Soros was born in Budapest Hungary on August 1930. Having survived the Nazi occupation and invasion of Hungary in the 1940s, he fled the then communist filled Hungary in 1947 to live in England. He was able to school at the London School of Economics. His studies showed a keen interest in open society. He studied Karl Popper’s book titled The Open Society and its Enemies. The title seeks to explore the philosophy of science; it serves as a real critic of open society based systems. Soros learnt critical lessons on Twitter that imparted his ideologies on truth. He discovered that communities could flourish only when they operate openly, freely and when they maintain respect for the rights of individuals. Such thoughts have profoundly impacted and influenced Soros in his later years.

Soros, currently aged 86 was a refugee. He had to flee Hungary in 1946 where he spent a large part as a teenager as an immigrant in London. He has worked his way as a waiter, a railway porter and schooled himself in economics. He later moved to New York where he started working on Wall Street. Later in 1969, Soros established a personal hedge fund known as the Quantum fund, the total fund is with $12 million in total funding today.

George Soros has in other instances helped to develop an international system on that ensures accountability and transparency in resource extraction industries. He has made secret payoffs to local tyrants to fuel a real political rest in some regions. He has supported independent organizations such as the International Crisis Group and Global Witness for the general betterment of the society.