Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners Works with Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann, founder of Dynamic Partners, believes in finding the right talent, and the right talent needs to be nurtured before college. His partnership with Uncommon Schools in New York shows his commitment to education and encouraging the next generation of talent. One of the first events of the partnership was a resume building event with the senior class and help with their college applications.

The partnership between the two will help them encourage students to learn the practical skills to help them in college and beyond. Dynamic Partners has donated 10,000 to the schools. The new school will be graduating its second class of seniors in 2014. Dynamic Partners felt inspired by their tour of the school and can’t help be excited for the educational motivation of the students.

The excitement was felt on both sides. Students were super excited after Dynamic Partners left. The interest they had in the students helped to boost their confidence and geared them up for the coming school year. They will have multiple events to help students throughout the school year.

Keith Mann has also funded a scholarship to help students reach their goal of college. Students will have to apply for the scholarship with a 1,000 word essay. The scholarship will help an Uncommon Schools graduate go to college and reach their full potential. The winner will receive a 5,000 scholarship to help with tuition.

Keith Mann has been in the executive search industry and knows what is needed to be successful. He works with the hedge fund industry and feels that business is not fully served by search industry. He specializes in finding the right talent for his clients.