IC Media Direct, An Online Reputation Management Firm Receives The New York Excellence Award

Online reputation management firms are starting to become key players in the public relations industry, and one such firm is IC Media Direct. This firm just received the New York Excellence Award from the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce (SBIEC). This is IC Media Direct’s third such honor, a testament to their outstanding service and core values. The SBIEC gives this award annually to the top business that not only creates an outstanding product that brings high profits, but one whose core values and ethical practices reflect positively on the business community. The recipient is determined by authoritative corporate review organizations, and other independent industry associates.
The reason online reputation management is becoming such a big deal in today’s business world is that customers and critics use the power of the internet to express themselves more loudly than ever. It isn’t just reporters or columnists from major news organizations that can say things that affect a business’s reputation, but everyone down to the ordinary teenager venting off on social media that matters. Times like these call for business owners and executives to be ready to answer to complaints, or to critics who write hit pieces on blog sites. IC Media Direct is a company that gives business owners the power to do that.

What IC Media does is go through a company’s search results and look to weed out the bad results, and replace them with good ones. They have teams of writers and SEO specialists that can publish material about the positive impacts a business or executive on the business has had in the community, and have that material overtake the bad pieces. They have helped clients of many different backgrounds from Wall Street bankers, fortune 500 executives, politicians, athletes, and other public figures whose online reputations have taken a hit. But they do uphold good ethics and integrity by only taking on clients who have upheld the law and not committed any heinous offenses.