Don Ressler Helps Bring Fun To Fashion

If there is one thing that would help fashion sell, it is fun and excitement. If fashion was boring, it will be less likely to sell. Don Ressler understood this. For this reason, he has looked for ways to bring about even greater excitement to the fashion industry. Among the categories of clothing that needed the most life injected into was the athletic section. Don Ressler has checked out the stores and the sections of stores that had active wear. He has noticed that they all had very little in variety. As a result, these clothes were more or less boring.

Don Ressler does not want people to be bored in their workout. For this reason, Ressler has met with a couple of others that are passionate about fashion and put together a store called Fabletics, which is a subdivision of JustFab. Fabletics features a new set of active wear which has a unique style and elegance to it. Women would be more interested in buying these new products because they look good. As a result, Don Ressler would be more interested in working out because they would have an excuse to wear these types of clothes.

Ressler has shown himself to be very passionate about fashion. He wants people to have fun picking out the outfits that they want for themselves. Ressler also wants people to put together something that they would like so that they would feel very unique about what what they put together. One thing that could be said about fashion and style is that it could be seen as a way for one to express herself. If she puts together an outfit that she is proud of, it could do a lot to help her sense of self worth. Fabletics and JustFab are companies that provide women with a lot of opportunities to find their own style.

The products that are available from JustFab and its subsidiaries are very unique from products offered in other clothing retailers. This gives people the chance to find something that they themselves would enjoy. At the same time, they would put together something that other people would like as well. Source: