The Brains Behind Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is a renowned entrepreneur who is accredited with founding Solo Capital, a London-based global boutique that was incorporated in 2011. The London-based company conforms to the norms and a rule set out by the British statutory law and has since its inception defied all odds to become a leading brand in the industry.
Previously Shah worked as an accountant in North London, he had been employed for several years at the bank and was tasked with accounting. It is at this job that Shah gained the requisite experience to run his own company. However, this job failed to live up to Shah’s expectations. This is because Sanjay spent a lot of time commuting from his home; Shah thought this to be an unnecessary inconvenience and a waste of time. Further, his accounting job did not offer challenges or a path to career growth. Owing to this reasons and the economic crunch that hit America in 2008, that saw Shah retrenched; Shah made a decision to quit employment and seek greener pastures as an entrepreneur.
In light of this events, Shah sort out a room in the outskirts of London; that he used as his private office. He began running all his affairs from the room. Sanjay started a brokerage firm ‘solo capital’. Today, Sanjay has made a mark in history through starting up a brokerage firm and steering it through stormy tides that more often than not cause startup businesses to fail.
Solo Capital has since moved from the back room office that Sanjay started to buildings owned by the company. The company has grown to compete with the ‘big boys’ and has by far outdone all expectations placed on it. This growth is accredited to Sanjay’s brilliance and dynamic strategies.
Sanjay Shah is a British Immigrant, having moved to Britain as a small boy. Sanjay had lived in Kenya before making the move. He enjoyed the privilege of attending the best schools in London, with a choice to pursue a career of his choice. Sanjay studied medicine as a young adult and decided to quit after some years based on the revelation that medicine was not his calling. Sanjay who is now 43, has enjoyed an illustrious career that is unrivaled.
Shah enjoys charity work and is the founder of Autism rocks; an organization that is designed to raise capital for autism awareness.


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