Fabletics Talks To Marie Claire About Athleisure

The Fabletics brand had a talk with Marie Claire about their place in the athleisure world, and it was something that all women should have a look at. There are many women who are trying to find ways to look their best without putting in too much effort, and these women deserve to wear clothes that make them feel amazing. The only way for most of these women to find the clothes they need is to shop with just one brand, and that is why Fabletics is so great.

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Kate Hudson actually started the brand for the same reason that a lot of women wear athleisure today. They just do not have the time in their lives to fuss with their clothes. They are much better off wearing something that is simple and comfortable, and they will make sure that they are getting the results they want when they are wearing clothes that they mixed and matched from the Fabletics catalog.

Kate Hudson started the brand because she has to get her kids to school, get to the gym and do a lot of work in the day. She does not want to change her clothes in a big way every time she goes somewhere, but she can wear clothes like Fabletics to mix and match as she goes. She can be in her sports bra and tights when she goes to the gym, but she can throw on a sweater to shop, or she can put on a dress over her clothes to head out to meet someone. It is a very easy way of dressing, and all the clothes can be shoved into a gym bag. The active mom who has too much to do in one day now has all the clothes she needs at her fingertips with Fabletics.

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