Talk Fusion A Global Game Changer

For the past nine years now Talk Fusion has been determined to give back to the communities. What’s the point of being successful if you can’t bless others along the way? Bob Reina, Founder & CEO, has made a commitment to changing lives. Mr. Reina has implemented his core values into Talk Fusion. With being … Read More

Biography: Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden was always fascinated with surgery, even at a young age, as she saw it as an art form. It is no wonder she was attracted to the sciences as her parents both had careers in the medical field. She mentions that she was always exposed to the sciences growing up, so pretty … Read More

The Brains Behind Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is a renowned entrepreneur who is accredited with founding Solo Capital, a London-based global boutique that was incorporated in 2011. The London-based company conforms to the norms and a rule set out by the British statutory law and has since its inception defied all odds to become a leading brand in the industry. … Read More

Fabletics Talks To Marie Claire About Athleisure

The Fabletics brand had a talk with Marie Claire about their place in the athleisure world, and it was something that all women should have a look at. There are many women who are trying to find ways to look their best without putting in too much effort, and these women deserve to wear clothes … Read More

Securus Is The Best Name In Corrections Technology

Securus has become the most advanced company in the corrections industry, and they are helping with all aspects of the field. Securus are making sure that there is a data analysis tool that jails can use, and they have also the communications technology that people need to call in for visits. According to PR Newswire’s … Read More