Impacting Business and Charity

Different people have tried coming up with different theories to explain success. Sanjay Shah has been able to explain it in his way. By impacting both the corporate world and charity positively, Shah has been able to earn the reputation of a successful man. His success in business is explained by Solo Capital and the other range of firms that he owns in London. Solo Capital is based in London too. This company is specializing in services that include financial consultation. It has been in the industry for six years now, in the fiscal year 2015, Solo Capital made impressive returns. However, those were Sanjay shah’s contributions and efforts. He retired from the company’s leadership early 2016.

This man, Shah, shocked many when he told PR Newswire that he never had any academic training in financial management. Shah studied medicine and not finance. Many people have expected to hear that Shah has a Ph.D. in accountancy or financial management. This is not the case since the only training that he has is that of working as a doctor. The amount of success evident from his companies is what makes it hard to believe him when he says that he did not study finance. Shah stated that he just began working in banks after his studies, and that is where he earned the experience.

Shah is the first millionaire to think of funding a program that would create awareness of autism. Autism is a new condition and is not known to many members of the society. Shah got to understand a lot of issues concerning autism after his son was diagnosed. The diagnosis gave Shah the push to think of something that could help not only his son but all the kids who could be suffering without their parents knowing. Autism Rocks work through concerts. These concerts are held in many cities. Musicians and other artists have joined hands in helping Shah with Autism Rocks. The organization was started after Shah had a cup of coffee with Snoop Doggy, who was the first artist to chip into the project. Many artists are joining Autism Rocks, and it is spreading through the world.