Kate Hudson Offers Fitness and Lifestyle Advice

Elle Magazine was able to sit down for a highly coveted interview with Kate Hudson and asked her a wide range of questions ranging from her personal fitness philosophy to the inspiration behind her super successful fitness fashion company, Fabletics. While not everyone can have Kate’s perfectly toned abs and ridiculously long legs, thanks to Fabletics’ cutting edge outfit options, they can have Kate’s incredible style delivered to their door. Kate has her own personal outfit favorites, but in general, she was inspired to give women workout outfit options that show off their personal style and are incredibly comfortable to wear while working out or running basic errands.

Kate’s take on lifelong fitness is fairly straightforward. She believes in getting up and getting moving and, most importantly, embracing whatever activity works for you. She thinks that the more enjoyable fitness and working out can be, the more likely you are to incorporate them into your daily routine and actually look forward to making time to work out each day. Kate admits that she has personally struggled with the motivation to work out and get moving and that having her own personal trainer has helped her tremendously when her motivation has waned. She obviously realizes that that option is not available to every woman, so she suggests taking time to try out activities that you will actually want to wake up and do everyday. Part of what keeps Kate going with her fitness regimen is focusing on how great she knows she will feel after stepping off the treadmill from a workout.

Fabletics opened up in 2013 and has been providing super trendy and incredibly affordable workout outfit choices for women through a monthly subscription plan. You will likely see Kate modeling her own designs, as she is very involved in the development of the brand. While outfits are sold separately on Fabletics’ site, the best way for customers to take advantage of the amazing deals is to sign up for the $49.95 monthly subscription service, which offers customers an outfit choice based on their personal style preferences and typical workout program. The monthly subscription comes with free shipping and first time subscribers can snag their first outfit for only $25 to try out the monthly service. Since Fabletics offers hassle free returns and exchanges, there is no downside for trying out the monthly service and seeing what all the buzz is about.
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