Solo Capital is a London-based company that was founded in the year 2009 by Sanjay Shah. This company specializes in proprietary trading and sport investment services. The company offers consultation services sometimes but not as a priority service. In the financial year 2015, Solo Capital was recorded to have grown to a worth of 15 million Euros. The asset sum of the company was found to be 67 million Euros, and the cash flow was 38 million, solo capital has been able to do what is needed in the financial investment sector which has been the reason for quickly earned growth. Many financial investment firms have struggled through time to get to where solo capital is now. This is one firm that is now making a great impact in the British stocks. The owner of solo Capital owns other financial investment companies across the country. This because of his long term experience in the financial investment sector where he has worked both as an employee and as an employer.
Solo capital is under the solo Investment Group. The Solo Investment Group is also run by the AIRLS Company, which is still under the ownership of Sanjay Shah. Among the other companies that Shah owns in the European continent are the British Virgin Islands, Dubai Inc, and Cayman. All the companies under Shah’s ownership are practicing along the financial investment sector. Solo Capital was, however, incorporating into the partnership in the year 2011. Before its incorporation, Solo Capital UK had shown a desirable result in the stocks market. It had made a total 19 million Euros that year. This is enough to tell how much the company could bring into the partnership.
Sanjay has been more than successful in managing financial investment firms. This is a factor that has made many to believe that Shah went to a financial investment college as his primary study option. This is not the case since Shah went to college to study medicine. He completed his studied in medicine and found out that he could not work as a doctor. He then sought some training in financial investment and started working in banks. 2009 was his last year being employed. From that year, he started his firm which is Solo Capital UK.
Shah has been able to run the company well, and that has enabled him to start up other firms. He is focused in impacting the financial investment sector. He is also a donor in many child support programs and charity foundations across Asia. Shah founded another organization which goes by the name Autism Rocks and seeks to raise funds for children affected by autism through concerts. Autism Rocks also seeks to raise awareness of autism through its concerts staged in different parts of the world.

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