Sanjay Shah, Solo Capital, and His Achievements

Many individuals may know something about Sanjay Shah, because he is a very well-known multimillionaire in London. There are, however, many other events that led to his success that many people may not know so much about. Sanjay Shah was originally born in a poor country and he migrated to London when he was young boy. As a young boy Sanjay Shah had the dream of becoming a doctor. Friends and family had always encouraged him to be a doctor, and that is exactly what he thought that he wanted to be. Sanjay Shah eventually enrolled in college to study medicine, but while he was studying, he realized that it was not something that he had a passion for. Sanjay Shah decided that he was going to go to school to be an accountant. Sanjay Shah really loved numbers and he enjoyed his career as an accountant. Because of his drive and integrity, Sanjay Shah was able to work for many prestigious banks. These banks things included: Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch.
In 2009 a financial crisis hit many of the banks in London. Sanjay Shah found himself without a job and he also found that there were very few prospects for him to get another job in investment banking. Sanjay Shah decided that he was going to create his own investment company. That was how Sanjay Shah started Solo Capital. Solo Capital Markets is a financial service company that has its headquarters in London England. The net worth of Solo Capital markets and its partners is over 15.45 million Euro.

Autism Rocks is an organization that has the goal of raising awareness about autism. Sanjay Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism at a young age. Sanjay Shah wanted to know all that he could about the diagnosis, but he found that the research on autism was limited. Sanjay Shah wanted to find a way to be able to raise money for autism research and also to raise awareness about autism. Sanjay Shah was hanging out with Snoop Dogg one day and he had a brilliant idea about a way to have concerts while raising money for autism.

That was how the idea of Autism Rocks came into effect. Sanjay Shah decided to hold his first rock concert and he used all of the proceeds from the concert to go towards the study of autism. Sanjay Shah has been able to have concerts with famous stars such as Drake, Michael Bublé, Snoop Dogg, and Lenny Kravitz. Sanjay Shah is also an individual that has done a lot to help children in India. He has been a philanthropist for many years and he also gives charitable contributions to Autism Rocks.