Flavio Maluf And All Of His Success With Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is a very well-known entrepreneur in Brazil. Maluf is currently serving as the president of Grand Food Group and also the president of Eucatex. Maluf was born in 1961 and he always had a great interest in manufacturing, because his family had owned a manufacturing business for all his life. Maluf graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from FAAP, and he also studied in the United States for a year. After graduating from the New York university, news outlets say Maluf decided to move back to Brazil to work at his family’s company. He first started working in the area of trading and later he was put into the industrial area.

When his uncle resigned as president in 1996, Maluf took over the presidency of Eucatex. Maluf has always taken his job as president very seriously, and he got to work right away to help Eucatex to expand and dominate different areas in Brazil’s economy. Maluf was able to create new products and to modernize existing products for the company.  Flavio has also given back providing advice to entrepreneurs that are still coming up.

Eucatex is a company that was founded in 1951. It was one of the first companies in all of Brazil to think about the environment. Eucatex used eucalyptus as its main material to produce panels and ceiling tiles. Eucatex had its first mill inaugurated in Salto, Brazil. Later on, the company created its first representative offices in different capitals in Brazil and Argentina.

Eucatex started with a hard board mill and a metal industrial unit. Later they went on to open up different offices in Europe and now Eucatex product’s have gained international attention. Eucatex is the first Brazilian company to receive a certification ISO 9001. In 2011 Eucatex celebrated its 60th birthday and with that celebration, Eucatex proved itself to be a leader in the industry of laminate floors, doors, walls, partitions and panels. Now Eucatex has exports in more than 37 countries and owns four factories in Brazil.