Kyle Bass: Foul Weather Financier?

There are also those who operate fairly in the light of day, and those who use things like crises to make money. This was seen in New Orleans when hurricane Katrina made mincemeat of the city. Looting and theft were rampant. Less-affluent, and even sometimes affluent-but-afflicted, citizens used the lack of organization to gut stores and houses. Local law enforcement wasn’t able to do much. Kyle Bass, an Argentinian financier who manages a hedge fund in Texas, seems to find financial typhoons and use them the same way looters in New Orleans did during Katrina. What Bass will do is look for exploitable areas of operation, and then thread those loopholes with schemes despicable but lucrative.

For those who are not familiar with Bass, the website article Kyle Bass: The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler expose his claim to fame came in 2008 when successfully he was able to predict that America’s ghastly lending practices were due for financial implosion. Proven correct, Bass was instantly vetted in financial circles nationwide. It has gotten to the point today where Bass is a regular staple on mainstream media outlets that discuss finance; but the truth is Bass probably should not be in such a position, and it’s just possible his Argentinian connections have some say in the matter. Since Bass’ 2008 prediction, the hedge fund he manages has performed abysmally, media appearances notwithstanding. In fact, the more appearances Bass makes, the more his fund seems to suffer. This could be one reason he’s branched out into his pseudo-humanitarian group, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs; or “CAD” for short. It could be that Bass would have branched out this direction anyway, though; and his character in this regard will be left to the reader to decide. Though, consider what CAD has done, and what it does.

CAD uses the sympathies of impoverished and infirm individuals to force injunctions, lawsuits, and petitions on big-ticket pharmaceuticals such that they’re forced into price-reduction of their drugs. This facilitates stock devaluation, which Bass is fast to capitalize on. He short-sells his holdings with these organizations when their stock drops because of his organization, then he gets away with literally millions of dollars.

It’s just like the low-hanging fruit bottom-feeders and impoverished individuals during Katrina reaped after the disaster. Bass is using unavoidable misfortunes of others to profit. If CAD isn’t evidence enough, consider Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. This woman is a socialist despot who is currently the president of Argentina. De Kirchner defaulted the country economically twice over the course of thirteen years, and Bass only sings her praises, meaning he is likely a lackey of hers, and got to the US initially by profiting from the economic losses of his own countrymen.