Bernardo Chua Growing the OrganoGold Product Line

Bernardo Chua is the CEO and owner of OrganoGold. As the head of the company he has done everything he can to expand the services and help grow the business. The business itself focuses on the selling of high quality beverages from around the world. Most of these products are coffee and tea, although the … Read More

Sergio Cortes Is Helping Others In His Country

Sergio Cortes is a very well-known doctor in the country of Brazil. Sergio Cortes has his own website called Sergio can be followed on LinkedIn and Twitter as well. Sergio Cortes has done much to advance the health of those citizens living in the country of Brazil. Brazil is a very large country that … Read More

Kate Hudson Offers Fitness and Lifestyle Advice

Elle Magazine was able to sit down for a highly coveted interview with Kate Hudson and asked her a wide range of questions ranging from her personal fitness philosophy to the inspiration behind her super successful fitness fashion company, Fabletics. While not everyone can have Kate’s perfectly toned abs and ridiculously long legs, thanks to … Read More


Solo Capital is a London-based company that was founded in the year 2009 by Sanjay Shah. This company specializes in proprietary trading and sport investment services. The company offers consultation services sometimes but not as a priority service. In the financial year 2015, Solo Capital was recorded to have grown to a worth of 15 … Read More

Sanjay Shah, Solo Capital, and His Achievements

Many individuals may know something about Sanjay Shah, because he is a very well-known multimillionaire in London. There are, however, many other events that led to his success that many people may not know so much about. Sanjay Shah was originally born in a poor country and he migrated to London when he was young … Read More

Kyle Bass: Foul Weather Financier?

There are also those who operate fairly in the light of day, and those who use things like crises to make money. This was seen in New Orleans when hurricane Katrina made mincemeat of the city. Looting and theft were rampant. Less-affluent, and even sometimes affluent-but-afflicted, citizens used the lack of organization to gut stores … Read More

Good News For American Economy

Two things stimulated the American economy more than expected. January of 2016 proved to be the highest consumer spending month in 8 months. The spending grew by half a percentage and consumer spending accounts for about two thirds of the economic activity in America. And, the second thing that caused stimulation was that there was … Read More