High quality dog foods attract customers with new offerings

The dog food that is now available at your local pet food store is now drastically different than what it was just a few years ago. New dog food options are available which are designed to attract customers who are concerned with the health and well-being of their pets and provide options for pet owners to improve the overall health and quality of their pets.

Often these new dog food options are centered on organic or preservative free dog foods that are organized around removing those harmful additives that are potentially dangerous to your dog. Organic foods are believed to not have those hormones and additives included in them that may lead to the same problems that these ingredients can have for humans. Brands are entering into this marketplace and trying to satisfy customers by expanding on the number of organic food offerings. Some brands are growing organically and others, like Purinastore’s Beneful, are acquiring competitors and offering additional organic products with the expertise that they gain from their acquired former competitors. Beneful acquired Merrick Pet Care who was the first certified organic dog food company in the marketplace and is now providing customers with many of the new dog food choices that meet their needs.

Brands are also launching specialized products for dogs facing individual needs. Beneful is leading the way in this regard with two products that are specially designed for dogs with health problems. One of these options is designed for elderly dogs who are having problems processing foods. For this problem Beneful has launched a dog food that contains medium chain triglycerides that are extracted from coconut oil and are easy to digest for older dogs. The second is a fully customizable dog food that allows customers to pick the ingredients that are included in their dog’s food and allows them to avoid harmful ingredients. These two Beneful products provide additional choices for dog owners who are seeing that their dogs are experiencing health problems that can be alleviated by a higher quality dog food.

The move towards higher quality and unique dog foods are providing customers with many new options and helping to address long term problems that can be solved with simple lifestyle changes.