Ricardo Guimaraes BMG Shares Top Skills of Interest to Brazilian Employers

A skillful administrator such as Ricardo Guimaraes forms an excellent judge of skill and talent. Such judges can identify the right person to discharge certain duties in an organization. Ricardo Guimaraes has been at the top of decision-making at Banco BMG for almost two decades.
When Mr. Guimaraes took office in 1998, he set about reorganizing the structure of the firm. It means bringing in new faces. The new additions had to possess certain skills that would benefit BMG. Guimaraes succeeded in his quest to make BMG a leading personal finance bank in Brazil. The consigned credit market also possessed great promise for firms that dared to engage.
Ricardo Guimaraes associated with the youth on various platforms. While giving lectures, he used to assert the fact that education makes youths trainable, and it’s in their best interests to acquire skills. Guimaraes also encouraged the young people to discover and build on their talents. He runs an informative website ricardoguimaraesbmg.com, where he shares his knowledge and experience.
One of the most captivating uploads last month talked of the top twenty-five skills that firms look for in potential employees. Guimaraes shared the article whose findings were released by a web-based professional media LinkedIn. The site is known to link job seekers and employers as Guimaraes explains. The site allows users to create professional connections within their fields of interest. Even more conveniently, users in the same profession can exchange professional advice.
In Brazil, LinkedIn found the following skills to be highly marketable to local employers. High on the list include Statistical analysis and data mining, Mobile development, Logistics and Quality Assurance, which includes software testing. Web architecture and development also attracts employers in conjunction with software integration, Engineering, and data storage. All these elements of information would not be complete without information security.
Other in-demand skills include Recruitment, Public International Relations, Business Intelligence, Design interface, Occupational Health and Safety, Corporate law and administration and Business development. When it comes to marketing, expertise in Social Media and Digital Marketing wins over potential employers. Shell scripting and Java development also make the listing addition to coding languages such as Python, Ruby, and Perl.
Ricardo Guimaraes has won the hearts of his clients in the time he has been at BMG. He has created a legacy of developing sports and supporting local talents. Guimaraes also influenced leadership and entrepreneurship in the country. He received an award in his honor from the Council of Belo Horizonte.  According to cmbh.mg.gov.br, made headlines around the world. Ricardo expressed gratitude for being considered for the accolade. On behalf of his family, Mr. Guimaraes vowed to keep up inspiring generations to come.