Sergio Cortes Works to Become Traveling MJ Impersonator

When Michael Jackson started working on the “Man in the Mirror” song he certainly was not talking about Sergio Cortes. If Jackson were alive today, however, this is probably how he would describe the feeling that he gets when he sees Sergio in person. Many fans have described Sergio Cortes as a Michael Jackson clone. This is just how much this impersonator resembles the pop icon that entertaining millions of people around the world. That is also the thing that separates Sergio from a lot of the other impersonators. He looks a lot like Jackson, and he also has plans to tour around the world.

Michael Jackson impersonators, or any impersonator for that matter, are not people that tour on a worldwide level. This just isn’t a thing. That may be one of the biggest reasons that Sergio wants to do it.

He could easily be compared with a lot of other MJ entertainers when he is on stage. He has the dance moves, but there are others that can dance just as well. He has to costumes, but there are also others that can rent costumes and provide this type of Michael Jackson experience as well. The big thing that Sergio has on a lot of the other entertainers that impersonate Jackson is his desire to tour in different countries.

This is what Michael Jackson was known for, and that is how he became a world entertainer. There are a lot of celebrities that are very popular in America, but most of their tours are confined to the United States. Jackson became someone that could be contained to the United States audience. People in different parts of the world were interested and what Michael had to say in his music. This is what allowed him to travel outside of the United States and gain the attention of audiences on a global level.

Dino reports that Sergio has been in the business of entertaining fans as Jackson for several decades. For a long time he stayed within the realms of his native land which is Brazil. In recent years he built up the church to actually start a tribute show where he will be able to go on tour. This tour will inevitably make him the biggest Jackson impersonator hands-down.

Many people inspire to duplicate the success of Jackson, but he is one-of-a-kind. Sergio, an MJ impersonator, is also one-of-a-kind.

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