Autism Rocks with Sanjay Shah

Raising Funds for Autism Research
There is a wonderful research cause that Mr. Sanjay Shah is passionate about. This cause is “Autism Rocks.” Mr. Shah and his wife have experience with autism. They know that autism can be misdiagnosed. A behavior analysis can be performed by a psychologist to provide the diagnosis for autism. When a child is diagnosed with autism, they will benefit greatly with therapy. Many families cannot afford to pay for therapy for their autistic child. There are government-funded programs that can be used as a resource for families who have an autistic child. These are families who need support. The resources come with a long waiting list. This is why Sanjay is involved with Autism Rocks. There is a large need for funding and research. Children with autism do have many needs. The money raised for this cause will provide needed research. The money will also go toward therapy for these children. Money will also provide the needed support for families. There has proven to be a very big need for an autism-charity. Families with autistic children do need help and support. Autism does come with numerous needs. Money is indeed needed for Autism Rocks. This charity for autism was started in the year 2011. Shah and Usha, his wife, were responsible for the start of Autism Rocks. The couple started this when they had discovered that their own two-year old son was diagnosed with autism. This couple saw the large need for this worthy and wonderful cause.Sanjay Shah has Sponsored Many Children
Sanjay Shah is the president and CEO of Solo Capital. For the past ten years, Mr. Shah has actually been sponsoring children in India. He did this through Plan International. He was able to send money on a monthly basis. He is a man who cares about the welfare of children. Sanjay and his family had immigrated from Kenya to London in the 1960s.

Sanjay Shah is Qualified to Assist Autism
Mr. Shah is a strong businessman who is highly qualified to assist in the Autism Rocks cause. He is a compassionate human being who does know how to raise money for this worthy cause that will help so many families. He is an educated man with many good qualifications and skills. He is the right man to assist in the research of autism.