Urbana Pays Tribute to MLK On Twitter

Social media has caused quite a frenzy in the world right now. It’s the era where everyone spends almost all their time online streaming, chatting, posting pictures and various issues that are happening in the world to stalking or cyber bullying others. Garnering about 7240 followers on Twitter and 1373 on Instagram is no small bustle and takes a tremendous amount of outlay in both time and exertion. Welcome to the world of Jon Urbana, who’s gotten lots of attention for his Twitter tributes to Martin Luther King, Jr. on the most appropriate of days.

With a bunch of his lacrosse students, it looks like Urbana has given back to support the late Martin Luther King Jr. today. This would make for three charity activities in the last few months. Here are his other two:

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc

Jon Urbana’s CrowdRise fundraiser
Born on November 15 in 1982 in Denver, Jon Urbana is at the moment working as Chief of Business Development for Ellipse USA, a sole held IPL and laser systems provider. In April 2011, he helped in the foundation of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which takes place in Colorado each year to help to educate young lacrosse players on Facebook. This former professional lacrosse player and fanatic pursued his Bachelors Degree in Economics and graduated in 2005 from Villanova University where he played for the Villanova Wildcats.


With over 7000 followers on Twitter and thousands of readers on WordPress, Jon Urbana uses his blog as a platform to discuss various issues that affect our social lives. From politics to ethical matters, Jon Urbana’s Twitter is mental food for the masses. On Tumblr, Urbana expresses his views on everyday issues and highlights the inner details that revolve around particular topics from an internal perspective to keep people informed. He openly shows his support for different causes to put down various ills in our societies.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana’s Twitter page is filled with rich aviation content since he’s one of the FAA’s most respected pilots. And as a former lacrosse player himself (visit Next Level Lacrosse Camp), Jon Urbana uses his page to update his followers on all things sports. With sports content ranging from basketball, the NFL to cricket and WingBoarding, sports fans will find his Twitter handle a compulsion. His timeline features pop culture and hot trending topics with links to credible cradles of information.

He is also seen to be a music fanatic of various artists including Drake and Jimmy Fallon as he keenly follows up on their developing activities and concerts.

Jon Urbana has a passion for photography as seen on his Instagram account and blog. On his handle, he has many rousing professional pictures proving his love for nature and photography.

Jon Urbana is a social activist who has perfected his social channels to focus on the topics that matter to his followers earning him the title “Jon Urbana of all trades”.