Growth With BMG By Marcio Alaor

In order for a company to be able to get better, there needs to be some level of growth. Growth happens when the company or the people behind the company push to make it better and strive toward excellence with the company. It is something that is more than necessary for a company to succeed and get past where they were at in the beginning. By growing, a company is giving more opportunity for the people of the company as well as the ones who run the company.

Dr. Wilmar is no stranger to a company being able to grow and watched BMG grow while he was one of the executives there. He watched it grow again when one of the people he had much confidence in grew the company again. Marcio Alaor was able to provide a large amount of growth to BMG once he became the vice president of the company. According to Wikipedia, Marcio Alaor has caused the BMG bank to become one of the best banks in Brazil and has created a strong amount of growth for the company. He has also worked to be one of the best vice presidents that the company has ever seen.

The growth of the company led to the success of the company and the people who are responsible for the company. This success came only as a result of Marcio Alaor being able to have a strong will to succeed and a need for his bank to be the best bank. This was first evidenced by Dr. Wilmar when he noticed that Alaor had an unusually high work ethic. He knew that the man would eventually become very successful with the BMG bank and gave him the chance to be an employee of the bank.

At the beginning of his career, Marcio Alaor was a shoe shiner. He shined the shoes of the executives of the bank and shined the shoes of Wilmar. He knew that Wilmar would only want shoes that were very shiny and chose to do them to the best of the abilities that he had. He also made sure that he worked very hard and always provided a pleasant amount of conversation for the people he was working on. This led to Wilmar seeing a strong work ethic in the young man and offering him a job with the BMG bank, which led to him becoming the vice president.

Source: Exame