Doctor Sergio Cortes dedication to his fellow citizens

Sergio Cortes is an experienced doctor, a graduate of Souza Marques University with a degree in surgery. After he has graduated, he went to U.S and then to Germany to study issues that impact joints and bone, back diseases, and back pain. After returning to Brazil, he served as Brazil volleyball team physician. At the same time, he practiced medicine at Rio’s Hospital Municipal Miguel. According to Sergio Cortes Official Website, He has been in health care for more than 20 years.Cortes has specialized in orthopedic surgery; a field that deals with medical techniques that help people to recover from broken limbs. His work has been hailed due to his vast understanding and compassion in his specialty. Further, his devotion to exploring new innovative techniques and embracing new technology that are being developed to help patients has been recognized.
According to an article on, Dr. Cortes spent 16 years treating back pain in National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedic and become one of the leading experts in back bone structure. Recently, he has been serving as State Secretary of Health and Civil Defense and a member of Dilma Rousseff administration.
In his lifetime, Dr. Cortes has spent a great deal of his life writing on dangers of not exercising and sitting for too long. He writes a blog where he frequently advises patients on different ways they can help themselves for free. In addition, he emphasizes the importance of stretching and postures in social media. According to the Dr. Cortes, people are likely to suffer from back muscle tears, bulging disks, and other assortment issues if they don’t adhere to regular and recommended exercise and postures. According to him, the human back is an amazing creation that can function for longer if it is properly taken care.
Cortes significant effort and dedication to improving the Brazil Healthcare Department, to eradicate other diseases affecting healthy life, and creating a real association with other doctors cannot go unnoticed. Recently, he received a promotion from President Rousseff, to be the minister of health in Rio de Janeiro. And he is expected to bring significant development changes in health care industry. Besides, his passion for helping other people was recognized by committee of Nobel Prize. Brazil will host 2016 Olympic, Cortes as medical doctor experienced with national volley ball team; he will be leading other doctors on checking matters that have to do with Olympic. As Brazilians looks forward to a medical system that can meet their health needs, those who have worked with Dr. Cortes in the past hail his new appointment and welcomed his leadership.

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