Marcio Alaor Explains Why Australia Continues To Grow

The Australian economy has been studied by analysts from around the world, and it is the subject of much debate amount industry experts. Marcio Alaor is an executive vice president at BMG Bank in Brazil, and he recently took to to explain his position on the matter. Marcio is partly responsible for investments at … Read More

Autism Rocks with Sanjay Shah

Raising Funds for Autism Research There is a wonderful research cause that Mr. Sanjay Shah is passionate about. This cause is “Autism Rocks.” Mr. Shah and his wife have experience with autism. They know that autism can be misdiagnosed. A behavior analysis can be performed by a psychologist to provide the diagnosis for autism. When … Read More

Yeonni Park’s Horrific Story

Yeonni Park was 13 years old when she fled North Korea. She was born in North Korea where she endured hardship. North Korea was a dictatorship under the leadership of Kim Jong-il. Living conditions were deplorable, in that they had no electricity and sometimes no food to eat. Yeonni Park and her mother decided to … Read More

Urbana Pays Tribute to MLK On Twitter

Social media has caused quite a frenzy in the world right now. It’s the era where everyone spends almost all their time online streaming, chatting, posting pictures and various issues that are happening in the world to stalking or cyber bullying others. Garnering about 7240 followers on Twitter and 1373 on Instagram is no small … Read More

A Good Man Has Been Found

If you’re ever in search of an honest man, you might want to look in the direction of American businessman and philanthropist Bruce Levenson. Few successful people would willingly put themselves in a position wherein they could lose it all or face public humiliation because of a personal decision, but Bruce Levenson did and that … Read More