Brian Bonar a Diversified Leader

For Brian Bonar, investing is a way of life. Being head of Trucept Inc. is only one of his responsibilities. Brian Bonar made his introduction into the business world at Stafford University. He is trained to study a problem and find solutions. He took a job in 2000 with the Solvis Group and began the process of helping to build goals and implementing strategies. Each idea pulls the companies he is or has been a part of, forward in the world of finance.

While negotiating finances as the primary financial consultant for Allegiant Professional Business Services, Brian Bonar showed the ability to install team projects. His list of accomplishments paves a long list of skilled management decisions. His leadership includes, President of Trade Shows Products, Executive Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corp. and Chief Executive Officer of Solvis Group Inc. Many companies have benefited from his management skills. Trucept Inc is presently growing as a result of his inspiring leadership.

Brian Bonar is leading ITEC to new levels. The company provides toners and software products. Brian Bonar as Chief Executive helps other medium sized industries maintain a viable work force for the operation of their businesses. Imaging Technology Corporation (ITEC) is positioned in San Diego, California. Experience with leading printing software companies has given Brian Bonar the ability to steer ITEC into lucrative business ventures.

Companies are able to find the resources necessary to develop competitively in the technology field through skillful management offered by of Brian Bonar. For years, Brian Bonar has directed the progress of major companies. These entities have progressed and are growing stronger under his guidance. Gathering training from a wide group of venues, Brian Bonar has studied at Strathclyde University receiving a BSC in Mechanical Engineering in Glasgow, Scotland. He also acquired an MBA and PHD in International Business Development Studies from Stafford University in the UK.